Belkin YourType keyboard and stand

For some time i had wanted to be able to use a full sized keyboard with my tablet and smartphone rather than use the on screen keyboards.

I had bought a generic bluetooth keyboard some time ago but that never really got used much. Last week i was browsing through an electronics store and saw a few keyboards and investigated.

The box has an ipad pictured on it, says “For all iPad Models”, “Comfortable, Well-Spaced Keys”, “Slim and Portable”.

After previous experience buying a bluetooth keyboard and finding it didnt want to work as intended**, i disposed of it on ebay at a loss, i asked the employee whether we could open it and confirm it connected to my phone. We did, it did and i bought it. I’m still pretty happy with the purchase.

** I believe the manufacturer intended to have that bluetooth keyboard only compatible with its own devices.

One of my issues with the keyboard is the if you hold down delete, it gets a bit enthusiastic with the key repeat rate and it deleted a paragraph of the post im typing now when i only wanted two words gone.

My requirements were:-
1. Bluetooth keyboard (connects to phone )
2. Standard consumer batteries (AA/ AAA), Not inbuilt rechargables
3. On/Off switch, doesnt drain the battery unnecessarily.
4. Keys are covered when not in use.

2. Some were chargable by USB cable and i keep a stock of batteries at home.  You can use rechargables if you want and its not too expensive to have an extra set in the bag for when they run flat on you out and about.
The pack included two energiser AAAs.

3 & 4 werent actually requirements until i saw the unit, I wanted to put it in a backpack and it helped convince me to pay the $70ish for the unit. A bit higher than i wanted but i’m pretty sure i’ll get to use the keyboard for years and the more its used, more time saved and more it pays for itself.

All up, I’m a pretty happy camper.

I’m going to add a few things here because i’m about to get rid of the manual… yes i actually read it….

Not too obvious Shortcut / Quick Keys.
Padlock – Screen off
Square – Home
Keyboard – Virtual keyboard
Magnifying glass – Search
Flower (under left shift key)- Slideshow

Powering the keyboard
When you turn the keyboard on the status LED will flash blue. When the keyboard batteries are low, the status LED will flash amber.

If you use this keyboard with different devices, it has to be paired every time its connected to a different device. If the keyboard is not paired, the status LED will flash blue.
When pairing, press and hold the “pair” key. (I had tried just pressing the button and hitting scan the first time).