Planes – Fire and Rescue

Yesterday I saw the Muppets Movie and the most memorable trailer was Planes – Fire and Rescue.


In this sequel, Dusty travels to the deep country and spends time with a Fire & Rescue team. He gets an upgrade from retractable gear to amphibian. There are many other different types of aircraft and several smoke jumpers too.

Its a movie i’d like to see at the cinemas, that and Days of future past. I’m just wondering if they’ll put in the floats increasing his drag / reducing his top speed as a bit of a plot line.


Fixing a bike computer.

Ive been spending a lot of time on my bike recently. A Lot. In all of February i didnt drive to work once. I cant remember when i last did that.

The bike ive been riding is my old one and its still fitted with its old school wired bike computer. It does everything i need, current speed, average speed, odometer, trip distance, elapsed time and 24 hour clock. Currently its not detecting the wheel spinning so it only really does clock and elapsed time.

Im going to look and see if i can fix it and move it to my newer bike when i can.

I know connecting its contacts on its back makes it think its wheel is spinning so im going to try:-
Cleaning the contacts on the back and holder,
Get a multimeter and see if there is a change of resistance when i spin the wheel.
Get a good magnet and put it near the sensor
I think there is something wrong with the cable so it might need replacing. Although i would have a crack at replacing the cable if there was a break, i think sourcing a replacement would be quicker and cheaper….

Credit where credit is due (Commbank – pun intended)

This afternoon, about 20 mins after the branch had closed, i found out what happens when an ATM is unable to return a card back.

I went up to make a withdrawal of cash i needed for tonight and it went all the way through to the point where it gave me the card back, except it didnt. The screen said take card although there was none to be taken and it whirred and clunked abit and still asked me to take the card i couldnt until it said card timeout reached, transaction cancelled. It didnt dispense money.

It was an atm at a branch and i walked around to see them in a group talking so i used my notepad and wrote ‘ATM ate my card!’. A lady came up to the window and spoke to me which was impossible to hear through the glass but i motioned that it was this branches atm. The lady came out of the branch and returned my card and watched me complete the transaction on the other ATM. She said she would disable to faulty one until it could be looked at.

It happened to a customer before and after me and the atm had temporarily said out was out of order but returned to a ‘working’ state later.

So thanks Commbank for fixing this after hours

Scarecrow – Matthew Reilly (Book)

From the back cover
“It is the greatest Bounty Hunt in History
There are 15 Targets.
And they must be dead by 12 noon, today. The price on their heads: $20 million each.

One Hero

Among the names on the target list, one stands out.
An enigmatic Marine names Shane Schofield, callsign: SCARECROW.


And as Schofield is hunted by gangs of international bounty hunters, including the ‘Black Knight’, a ruthless
hunter who seems intent on eliminating only him.

He led his men into hell in Ice Station. He protected the President against all odds in Area 7.
The time its different. Because this time SCARECROW is the target.’

This book hooked me from the beginning, i started reading it at around 6 last light and stayed up late to try and
finish it to no avail.

It started off with Scarecrow with a small team on aboard a B-2 stealth bomber tasked with a mission to counter terrorists intending to fire nuclear missiles from within Russia. This turns out to be a trap to ensnare Scarecrow as well as two others.

A secretive group of rich businessmen have hatched a plot to become richer and powerful with a diabolical plan which takes Scarecrow an a globetrotting trip to attempt to foil it.

I liked this book, but it does stretch (and break) the limits of believability and at some points what Schofield goes through makes James Bond appear mortal.
All up, i’d recommend this book, but shy away if you  prefer books to stay within bounds of reality, eg. Tom Clancy’s Red Storm Rising.

I’ve recommended it to a friend.

Eric Prydz – Pjanoo

Recently i heard a clip on a radio station and recognised it as a song i previously had liked.

It took some hunting to find out the track name and artist.

I’m posting it here because the video clip is worth the watch even if it leaves you thinking “what just happened?”