On the bike and old top gear episodes.

Ive gone back into weight loss mode. Recently brought the scales back into the kitchen and weighing myself a bit . Looking to lose around 10kg , which im tipping my body wont miss.  That will bring me back into the two digit weight range (kilograms).

Only recently did i realise that my bike upgrade had hindered my weight loss. The old wasnt as fast and i spent longer each trip. Ive gone from about half hour rides to 20 minute rides for the same course. This combined with some already weight lost means less calories burnt for the same trip. My solution is to add some extra distance in the middle by doing an extra lap of a detour circuit which is nice to know i can actually skip if im in a hurry. It should bring the calories burnt per trip back up into an ideal range and help the recent plateau ive been experiencing.

Also saw some old top gear episodes recently and theyre markedly different from their current work.

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