Belkin YourType keyboard and stand

For some time i had wanted to be able to use a full sized keyboard with my tablet and smartphone rather than use the on screen keyboards.

I had bought a generic bluetooth keyboard some time ago but that never really got used much. Last week i was browsing through an electronics store and saw a few keyboards and investigated.

The box has an ipad pictured on it, says “For all iPad Models”, “Comfortable, Well-Spaced Keys”, “Slim and Portable”.

After previous experience buying a bluetooth keyboard and finding it didnt want to work as intended**, i disposed of it on ebay at a loss, i asked the employee whether we could open it and confirm it connected to my phone. We did, it did and i bought it. I’m still pretty happy with the purchase.

** I believe the manufacturer intended to have that bluetooth keyboard only compatible with its own devices.

One of my issues with the keyboard is the if you hold down delete, it gets a bit enthusiastic with the key repeat rate and it deleted a paragraph of the post im typing now when i only wanted two words gone.

My requirements were:-
1. Bluetooth keyboard (connects to phone )
2. Standard consumer batteries (AA/ AAA), Not inbuilt rechargables
3. On/Off switch, doesnt drain the battery unnecessarily.
4. Keys are covered when not in use.

2. Some were chargable by USB cable and i keep a stock of batteries at home.  You can use rechargables if you want and its not too expensive to have an extra set in the bag for when they run flat on you out and about.
The pack included two energiser AAAs.

3 & 4 werent actually requirements until i saw the unit, I wanted to put it in a backpack and it helped convince me to pay the $70ish for the unit. A bit higher than i wanted but i’m pretty sure i’ll get to use the keyboard for years and the more its used, more time saved and more it pays for itself.

All up, I’m a pretty happy camper.

I’m going to add a few things here because i’m about to get rid of the manual… yes i actually read it….

Not too obvious Shortcut / Quick Keys.
Padlock – Screen off
Square – Home
Keyboard – Virtual keyboard
Magnifying glass – Search
Flower (under left shift key)- Slideshow

Powering the keyboard
When you turn the keyboard on the status LED will flash blue. When the keyboard batteries are low, the status LED will flash amber.

If you use this keyboard with different devices, it has to be paired every time its connected to a different device. If the keyboard is not paired, the status LED will flash blue.
When pairing, press and hold the “pair” key. (I had tried just pressing the button and hitting scan the first time).

Planes – Fire and Rescue

Yesterday I saw the Muppets Movie and the most memorable trailer was Planes – Fire and Rescue.


In this sequel, Dusty travels to the deep country and spends time with a Fire & Rescue team. He gets an upgrade from retractable gear to amphibian. There are many other different types of aircraft and several smoke jumpers too.

Its a movie i’d like to see at the cinemas, that and Days of future past. I’m just wondering if they’ll put in the floats increasing his drag / reducing his top speed as a bit of a plot line.


Zombie Plans…… adapted for elections.

Its worth mentioning i like Red Vs Blue and they did a good PSA (Public Service Announcement) about Zombie plans.

The way the Australian election is going, i think i’ll have to come up with a zombie plan and put it to effect for the election.

Simmons had a good starting point, keep two weeks worth of food up in the attic, probably need some Books and DVDs in there too.

Movie : Sky Fighters

I set the PVR to record a late night french movie on SBS. It centres around two french airforce pilots who are called to intercept a latest model fighter which was on display at an airshow which was stolen by terrorists.

The plane attempts an escape by flying close formation with a passenger aircraft but its discovered and during a brief dogfight, the stolen plane is shot down after the pilots receive orders to hold fire.

An investigation is held finding against the pilots who were acting in self defence, but the terrorists have more up their sleeves and plan another attack over Paris.

The trailer below is in french, but it shows some of the great in flight shots.


Was looking at the wikipedia page on Tron legacy and noted that a sequel is planning to be made. It’ll be interesting and i’ll be waiting with interest.

Another top gear (Australia) challenge – Mining Ute

The top gear guys take on the mining industry and pit their utes against the stig in a cat heavy earth mover. The race is over once the stig completes two laps and winner is decided by who gets the most gold (i think its actually inferred gold from total material transferred) divided by the cost of the car.

With about 8 tonnes of material transported by the guys, approximately worth $700 in gold, The race ended up with a tie, but between who…

Worth a watch.

Top Gear USA

Recently i was programming my PVR and aside from the usual weekly recording of How i met your mother, i saw and set up a recording for an episode of Top Gear USA (Season 1, Episode 6).

It started off slow with a review and test run of a British sports car , but then…. Jackpot.

The main part of the show was a three way race between Miami and the South most point of continental USA in Key West. Tanner went by Cessna seaplane, Adam drove a Lotus and Rutledge went by fastboat. In one section, all three racers met giving some nice scenes of boat, car and plane. The race was a nail biter with two racers arriving within seconds.

The episode also included a power-lap of the track in a Lamborghini…..tractor, taking 5 minutes, 22 seconds.

Sometimes the little extras count

A while ago I saw a pie maker in a
Store real cheap and I bought it, there was something about making my own and knowing good ingredients went in it. It also has to do with me looking for a cheaper lunch than takeaways and affinity for satay meat pies…….

I made a batch of four pies and I had noticed earlier that a more expensive one had larger pies but it also included a pastry cutter which took all the guesswork out and meant you don’t even have to use a knife.

After havind made the first batch using guesstimates of how big I should cut each piece ( the larger base an smaller lids) I made the call to buy a second one. Earlier in the week I bought it, it cost me just under $70 but I’m a happy buyer as I found out each sheet can make two pies (2.5 if you reroll the leftovers flat).

The first thing I made with it was damper,’even though I wasn’t really in the mood, but yesterday I let rip and made satay chicken and pepper steak pies.

I took photos but can’t upload them right now.

Although the larger pies are nice, I wouldn’t have bought it if the bit of funny shaped plastic hadn’t been included.