Chill out music

Some notes from earlier in the year.

Alone Tonight
Sweet Lullaby
Something (IE any song) by Bond
For an Angel
The Best Thing , Hook an Sling
On a good Day – Above and beyond
Crocketts Theme
Lolas Theme
Burned with desire
Armin Van Burrent – Shivers
Rachels Song
Take me away – 4 Strings.

On the bike and old top gear episodes.

Ive gone back into weight loss mode. Recently brought the scales back into the kitchen and weighing myself a bit . Looking to lose around 10kg , which im tipping my body wont miss.  That will bring me back into the two digit weight range (kilograms).

Only recently did i realise that my bike upgrade had hindered my weight loss. The old wasnt as fast and i spent longer each trip. Ive gone from about half hour rides to 20 minute rides for the same course. This combined with some already weight lost means less calories burnt for the same trip. My solution is to add some extra distance in the middle by doing an extra lap of a detour circuit which is nice to know i can actually skip if im in a hurry. It should bring the calories burnt per trip back up into an ideal range and help the recent plateau ive been experiencing.

Also saw some old top gear episodes recently and theyre markedly different from their current work.

…. A Temporal Distortion

Last night i worked late and had to fill out some paperwork and I had to enter the date. I checked my trusty watch (a G-Shock) and it told me “today” was tuesday, but i knew that was wrong. I double checked with my phone.

When i got home i checked in detail and adjusted the watched time. It thought the current year was 2074……. Apparently my watch has done a bit of time travel, and much more than usual.

Its now been reset back to 2014.

Without a timepiece to provide an accurate reference point, we cant really be sure what time it is.

Pursuit – The sinking of the Bismark , Ludovic Kennedy

ISBN 0-00-634014-8

I picked this book up in a bargain bin for $1 and it was money well spent. The book describes the break out, hunt for and eventual sinking of the German Battleship Bismark. The book also shows some parts which i hadn’t previously known about including the submarines in the area and the attempt to launch the Bismarks seaplane to ensure the ships logs and other documents are safe.

From the back cover
In May 1941 the German battleship Bismark, then the most formidable fighting ship afloat, escaped into the Atlantic, posing a fearful threat to the convoys that kept Britain alive. She had to be sunk.

‘For sheer suspense and switch of fortune from one side to the other, the story could hardly be equalled.’  -Daily Telegraph

‘Vigorous, compulsively readable account of one of the great sea battles.’ Yorkshire Post

‘If future generations wish to understand the reality of the Second World War at sea they could ask for no better guide than Mr Kennedy’ The Time Literary Supplement.

Some things stick out as memorable from reading this book, That the German Navy was the least political of the armed forces. The battle could have easily gone differently, although i think the end result was certain. The British were not going to leave a battleship  to attack convoys in the Atlantic for long and given the advancements of Radar and naval aviation, once the ship was found it would be followed until sunk, however difficult that would be. 

Battleships had reached their peak of power on the seas although some believed they were still kings of the sea. I didn’t know some of them were fitted with Torpedo launchers and the book comments that the Bismarks final battle is the only battle where one battleship may have torpedoed another battleship. I think the German Navy wanted an Aircraft carrier built and this was vetoed by Goring as aviation was the airforces domain.

The Bismark had a sister UBoat, U556 who was christened at the same time and their paths crossed several times. During christening, a shakedown cruise was conducted and both ships engaged the same surface targets. U-556 also responded to the distress call of the Bismark and was in the area in the hours before it was sunk. It was not able to help as it had used its last torpedo sinking the 5000 ton Darlington Court. The captain was advised against sinking such a small ship and put it this way “The certainty of a sparrow now was better than the possibility of a pigeon later.” . Even after they had a firing solution on the freighter, something went wrong and they had to line up again later. Again he was advised to save the torpedo but the captains mind was made up. Later he would regret this decision and although the book put it that he later could have had a eagle and not a pigeon, i think he could have had a Unicorn. Later in the book he is described as having to helplessly watch as the British flagship,  the aircraft carrier Ark Royal and a battleship sail past without escort or zigzagging. 

I enjoyed reading it and will see if i can pass it on to a friend who will put it to good use.

Fixing a bike computer.

Ive been spending a lot of time on my bike recently. A Lot. In all of February i didnt drive to work once. I cant remember when i last did that.

The bike ive been riding is my old one and its still fitted with its old school wired bike computer. It does everything i need, current speed, average speed, odometer, trip distance, elapsed time and 24 hour clock. Currently its not detecting the wheel spinning so it only really does clock and elapsed time.

Im going to look and see if i can fix it and move it to my newer bike when i can.

I know connecting its contacts on its back makes it think its wheel is spinning so im going to try:-
Cleaning the contacts on the back and holder,
Get a multimeter and see if there is a change of resistance when i spin the wheel.
Get a good magnet and put it near the sensor
I think there is something wrong with the cable so it might need replacing. Although i would have a crack at replacing the cable if there was a break, i think sourcing a replacement would be quicker and cheaper….